Accommodation, support, education and employment are the best routes off the streets and away from the misery that accompanies homelessness; leading to a better future for our young people.

The Rock Trust works with between 400 and 500 young people every year. We have always believed that homelessness is more than rooflessness and that young people need to learn social and practical skills to be active participating members of their community and society.

We work with young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, this includes young people who are young single parents, do not have sufficient support systems, are leaving the care of the local authority or home, those involved in offending, alcohol or drug misuse.

We offer more than 50 bed spaces each night to provide accommodation to vulnerable young people whilst we offer mediation and support to plan for a safe and stable future. Young tenants will learn how to look after themselves and their accommodation and how to interact within their communities. We also enable them to learn skills to find employment through practical experience and volunteer placements.

We work with our young people to create a personal structure that will motivate them to explore their needs and identify and set individual goals. We provide support and opportunities, through drop ins, one to one meetings, mediation, group work and volunteering to help them achieve their goals, increase resilience and develop the skills to create positive relationships, thus integrating into, and becoming an active economic citizen, in their community.