How we are ending youth homelessness in Scotland


Our Vision: An End to Youth Homelessness in Scotland

Our Mission: To prevent youth homelessness and to support young people to build better futures

Our Strategy: We aim to ensure that every young person in Scotland has access to expert youth specific services to assist them to avoid, survive and move on from homelessness. We work to ensure that the public, policy makers, commissioners and practitioners understand the issues, make decisions and take action which will help us to end youth homelessness

Our Thinking: We believe that accommodation, support, education and employment are the best routes off the streets and away from the misery that accompanies homelessness; leading to a better future for our young people.

The services we offer young people have been developed to address the broad range of needs and experiences of young people, with an emphasis on creating choice. No one version of support is appropriate for every person. That is why our services range from long-term support for young people with very complex needs, such as those leaving care, to emergency support for young people in crisis, to a helping hand for young people who are simply struggling to access an expensive and competitive rental market.

In addition to accommodation, we help our young people to progress in their lives so that they can overcome personal barriers and move on from homelessness for good. We have always believed that homelessness is more than rooflessness and that young people need to learn social and practical skills to be active participating members of their community and society.

The young people we work with have access to a variety of opportunities to learn and develop, depending on where they are in their lives. We can provide 1-1 support workers, mentors, mediation, and health and well-being support, alongside our regular evening groups such as our cooking club, employability drop-in and short educational courses. In this way we can ensure the most vulnerable young people in our society can avoid or move on from homelessness for good, and have the futures they deserve.