Sleep Out so a young person doesn’t have to 


This is a special sponsored Sleep Out event just for young people aged 12 – 18.


Registrations are now closed. Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up to take part and raise funds for our front line work with homeless young people.

Now here’s how to prepare!

The event take place on Friday November 16th at St Andrew and St George’s Church, George Street.

  • Registration is at 7pm – please bring your £5 registration fee if you haven’t yet paid
  • Bring a Sleeping Bag and plenty of layers, including waterproofs – if wearing a onesie please remember you will still need layers underneath!
  • You can bring additional items to help you sleep – like a pillow or hot water bottle, but not tents or camping chairs/equipment
  • We will provide cardboard for sleeping on, hot drinks and hot food
  • Please don’t bring any valuables you can’t keep on you during the night
  • Breakfast is at 6:30am on Saturday 17th and the event ends at 7am

Remember that the purpose of Sleep Out is to raise money and awareness of the issues of youth homelessness and NOT to match the sense of danger, hopelessness and hunger which many young homeless people face.

The fundraising target is £50 per person. The sponsorship money raised helps us to maintain our front line services, supporting young homeless people to build the personal skills and resources required to make a positive and healthy transition to adulthood, while avoiding or moving on from homelessness.

Terms and Conditions U18 SO 2018