Would you like to further develop your understanding of resilience?


What is resilience?

  • Being resilient enables a person to continue to develop to their full potential, even when circumstances are against them
  • Resilience is having the capacity to adapt and overcome risk and adversity

Research has shown there are six domains that have an impact on resilience. If a person has a positive experience in these areas, they are more likely to be resilient:

– Secure base – Education – Friendships
– Positive values – Social competencies – Interests and talents

This training is for:

  • Social workers
  • Housing officers
  • Teachers
  • Support workers & volunteers
  • Team leaders & managers

Participants will be able to:

  • Assess resilience and vulnerability and use a working tool that can enable the service user to develop resilience
  • Understand the protective factors and look at how we can build strengths with an individual going through a difficult transition

“Will implement this knowledge in my day to day work”
Social care professional, Rowan Alba


For further information please email events@rocktrust.org