Simon was referred to the RockTrust by a support agency. After the death of his mother, Simon was asked to leave his mother’s property by the landlord, and was forced to sofa-surf to keep a roof over his head. This left Simon in an incredibly vulnerable position, relying on friends and other family members for a bed for the night, so that he became one of Edinburgh’s ‘hidden homeless’.

After he first came to the Rock Trust he was provided with visiting support, and was helped to make sure he could access benefits until he was in a position to earn a regular income. While focusing on building a trusting relationship with Simon, the Housing Support team worked to assess his suitability to Rock Trust accommodation.

A significant obstacle to Simon previously securing his own tenancy was that he suffers from severe dyslexia and is unable to read. This has inevitably made it close to impossible for Simon to manage job centre appointments and the benefits system on his own. He had reached a point where he had given up on public services as they had not been able to help him overcome his disadvantages and access help.

As soon as accommodation became available through our Bedrock service, Simon was offered a tenancy. Initially there were inevitable difficulties with Simon managing his tenancy because he had no experience of budgeting, cleaning or cooking for himself and had relied heavily on his mother. Without additional support to learn these skills and develop his independence, Simon would not have been able to keep hold of a tenancy.

Simon became homeless because of a life-changing event in his life – the loss of his mother, combined with the difficulties he faced maneuvering a complex welfare system. 

As well as helping him to develop the skills he needed to sustain a tenancy, the Rock Trust team helped Simon to access his benefits and have them backdated. Over time Simon has settled in and started making the most of the new stability in his life. He is now able to plan his next moves in regards to training and education with a view to entering employment.