The Trust has a long history of attracting volunteers to undertake a huge range of tasks which has the impact of improving confidence as well as demonstrating the value of young people in society.

Volunteers give freely of their time and expertise and we in turn ensure that good quality training and support is available.

We have many years of successfully supporting individuals in a wide range of volunteering roles and this work has been endorsed by the awarding to the Rock Trust of the Investing in Volunteers (IIV) Chartermark.

We have a wide range of opportunities available for volunteers, from admin, events to youth work and painting and decorating days.

Jillian’s Story:

‘After many years in a busy career, I decided to take a short break from work, to try different things.  I had wanted to get more involved in the community and give something back for some time, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to put my new-found free time to good use and volunteer with a local charity.

I found about the Rock Trust through Volunteer Edinburgh, and they appealed to me as a locally run charity specialising in youth homelessness.

I met with Frank, their volunteer co-ordinator, for an informal chat, and we identified that a role with the Admin team was the best use of my time and experience.  I started volunteering one day a week in in November 2017.

The whole team at the Rock Trust made me feel very welcome, and the Admin office was an excellent place to gain insight into the workings of the organisation.  A key aspect of the role was covering the reception, which gave me first-hand experience of day to day activities, from case workers logging in and out to individuals handing in food parcels, from young people dropping in to take advantage of the duty service or laundry facilities to local office staff popping in to hand over donations of money they had raised for the Rock Trust. 

Over time I increased my volunteer hours from one day a week to two to allow me to start shadowing the duty service too, which I could see needed extra support, and meant I could gain further experience helping young people.  I felt a great sense of satisfaction at seeing first-hand the difference the Rock Trust is making.  It also gave me the confidence to volunteer as a mentor, which I am sure will be equally rewarding.

The training and induction provided was excellent – I was impressed to see the level of commitment and professionalism displayed by such a small organisation. The Rock Trust also hold social events for volunteers – an opportunity to express their thanks but also an opportunity for volunteers to meet and share experiences with other volunteers.

Finding the Rock Trust and becoming a small part of their work is something I am extremely proud of and one of the best decisions I have made.’