Early in 1990, it was discovered that homeless young people had been sleeping rough in the graveyard of St. Cuthbert’s Church, Edinburgh.

The Council of West End Churches (St Cuthbert’s, St John’s and St Andrew’s and St George’s) was shocked by this harsh reality, and moved to action. The Council at the time owned a flat occupied by friars, members of the Society of St. Francis.  One of them, Brother Basil, set out to publicise the issue of youth homelessness and raise funds.  His energy turned an ambition into reality, and in 1991 The Rock Trust was formed.

The Rock Trust’s objectives in 1991 were:

  • To provide educational material
  • To do something practical
  • To provide easy access to advice and support services
  • To provide education on benefits income
  • To provide a safe place for young people to go

In February 1993, as a direct consequence of that determination to do something and an anonymous donation of £100,000, a flat was opened for homeless young people, with three more opening later in the year forming the Bedrock service which still operates today.

In 2002, The Rock Trust moved to 55 Albany Street, where we are still based today.