All 18-21 year olds to be able to access support with housing costs!

-statement from Kate Polson, Rock Trust CEO

We started the Easter weekend with great news for young people as the UK Government made the announcement that all 18-21 year olds will be able to access support with their housing costs through Universal Credit. You can read the full statement here.

The entitlement was removed last year despite calls from the sector highlighting the negative impact on young people. In the Lifeline not Lifestyle paper by EYH UK some of the concerns were highlighted and shared.

Since the removal of housing benefit for this age group in April 2017 we have been working with partners across the UK to monitor the impact, raise our concerns and work to ensure that young people had a safety net when required. We were concerned that the removal of the lifeline would result in more young people being placed in increasingly vulnerable positions by causing uncertainty and increasing the reluctance of landlords to house them. This announcement is welcomed by Rock Trust, we are thrilled to see this reversed!