As an organisation we have been invested in getting our silver charter award mark as we recognise how important it is for the Rock Trust to be a safe, welcoming and trusted place that young people from the LGBT community can access. We’ve always prided ourselves on being recognised as an organisation where the LGBT community are respected and can feel comfortable and be themselves. To ensure that we continue to offer this support as an organisation we took the following steps:

  • We consulted young people on their impressions of the Rock Trust
  • We consulted staff on how comfortable they are in being themselves as an employee
  • We attend and are visible at Pride in Edinburgh each and every year. Young people are also encouraged to attend
  • We have participated in and promoted LGBT history month each February and involved our young people in group work each year to prepare artwork for celebrating Purple Friday.
  • We are part of the LGBT Youth Development group and participate in quarterly meetings with partnership agencies as well as attending the LGBT Youth events.

On the back of consultations with our young people and staff we have made key changes to our policies and procedures that means we have more inclusive language and even clearer boundaries on acceptable behaviours for all at Rock Trust.

We’ve highlighted our commitment and support to the LGBT community by cementing our ties with LGBT Youth, highlighting our support on social media and establishing closer links with other agencies who share our aim to be as inclusive and supportive as possible.

It has been a pleasure for Rock Trust to work towards the Silver Charter Mark and we aim to continue with the inclusive work as we cannot underestimate the value it adds to the young people we work with and our staff