cafe picture banner (800 x 200)What is Nightstop?

Nightstop Edinburgh is run by the Rock Trust and is regional branch of Nightstop UK which works towards the eradication of youth homelessness.

The Nightstop Edinburgh service aims to provide young people between the ages of 16 and 25 years with emergency accommodation for up to 2 weeks in the homes of approved volunteers (although this can be extended, depending on circumstances).

The service is very much geared towards preventing young people entering the formal homeless system and staying in temporary bed and breakfast or adult hostel accommodation. It seeks to provide a bit of time out for the young person (and their family or carers) so that support can be put in place to help prevent the breakdown of their current accommodation arrangements, if possible, or identify and secure longer term accommodation most appropriate to the young person.

Volunteering as a Host

Host households are the foundation of Nightstop Edinburgh. Hosts are committed to providing a warm welcome, breathing space and, if necessary, a listening ear. Host families come from every part of Edinburgh and their availability has to be respected at all times. See our website for details on how to apply.

The staff team

Nightstop staff are experienced youth homelessness workers who prepare and support young people accessing the Nightstop service. They also train and offer ongoing support to hosts. The staff team is made up of Rock Trust project workers, managers and an experienced bank of sessional staff.

A member of staff is contactable for advice or support, for both young people and hosts, during duty hours (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm). An emergency number is available 24 hours.


To refer a young person to the Nightstop Edinburgh service – please contact the duty service (Monday – Friday, between 9am – 5pm) either via phone  (0131 557 4059) or pop in to 55 Albany Street in person.

Volunteer Hosts Wanted!

We are on the lookout for new volunteer hosts. All hosts undergo full training, are regularly supervised, and have 24 hour contact with staff.

Training provides an opportunity to meet the staff involved and hear first hand accounts of how placements have gone from existing hosts and, where possible, some of the young people who have benefited from the service.

If you have a spare bedroom and wish to learn more without obligation contact us on 0131 557 4059 or email to register your interest.