Housing Support Services

The Rock Trust has been providing housing support to young people since 1991 – ever since the organisation began. We provide housing support services in Edinburgh and West Lothian.

Our Bedrock services (in Edinburgh and West Lothian) provide accommodation to live in, along with the support needed to make a success of independent living.

The Gateway and Mainstay services (Edinburgh only) provide support to young people who already have their own flat (or are about to move in to one). This means that we can support you in your house even if you don’t live in one of our flats. Quite often when a young person moves on from a Bedrock flat to their own flat, they choose to take Mainstay or Gateway support so that they can still be supported by The Rock Trust while they set up their new home and get used to their new life.

A service of proven quality that you can trust

We have been providing Housing Support Services to young people since 1991 and are highly respected for the work that we do.

Each year our services are inspected independently by the Care Commission to measure how well we are doing and the quality of the service we provide. In our last inspection we were graded a 5 (very good) score.

The staff team

Our staff are friendly, supportive and highly experienced. They are here to listen to you and to provide the support you need, when you need it. If we don’t know an answer to a question, we will find someone who does!

Our Housing Support Team is made up of nine Project Workers, two Senior Project Worker and is managed by an Operational and Senior Manager.

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