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Beyond Homelessness – final report launched on 2nd May 2013

The BEYOND Homelessness project was a collaborative three-year research project (2010 – 2013) which The Rock Trust carried out in partnership with Scottish Social Networks and Glasgow School of Social Work at Strathclyde University.

The research project has now concluded, and the final report can be downloaded here: Beyond Homelessness Final Report 2013

The research explored the impact that social networks (the formal and informal relationships we have) have in helping people who are at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness, to ensure lasting routes out of homelessness and secure tenancies. It worked with housing support providers and those in receipt of support to understand which services have a lasting impact on routes out of homelessness and how these services promote a networks approach.

This research has provided robust evidence, through both quantitative and qualitative methods, to inform local and national policy and will bring direct benefit to service users through promoting best practice in across housing support services in Scotland.

Digital Stories – exploring success in Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh and Highland

As part of the Beyond Homelessness research project, The Rock Trust commissioned three ‘Digital Stories’ – short films highlighting best practice services which use a networks approach to combat homelessness and avoid repeat homelessness.

Working with The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS), we have produced three films with partner organisations across Scotland who use the networks approach to tackle homelessness.   Best practice initiatives from The Calman Trust (Highland) The Rock Trust (Edinburgh) and Aberdeen Foyer (Aberdeenshire) have been produced and can be found here:

Digital Story – The Calman Trust, Highland  
Digital Story – The Rock Trust, Edinburgh  
Digital Story, Aberdeen Foyer, Aberdeenshire

More Information

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