Sleep Out 2014 poster top section

Sleep Out returns in 2016 even bigger and better than previous years.

In 2015, 130 intrepid Rock Trust supporters gave up their beds for the night and slept out for the Rock Trust, and in the month of November raised more than £50,000. In 2016, we will be aiming to raise more money and awareness of this devastating issue. The ​​purpose ​​of ​​Sleep ​​Out ​​is ​​to ​​raise ​​money ​​and ​​awareness ​​of ​​the ​​issues ​​of ​​youth ​​homelessness ​​and ​NOT ​to ​match ​the ​sense ​of ​danger, ​hopelessness ​and ​hunger ​which ​many ​young ​homeless ​people ​face. ​ ​End Youth Homelessness_LOGO_WHITE

Join others local supporters for a night of entertainment and fundraising. Sleep Out on the streets on Friday 4th NOVEMBER 2016.

There will be entertainment, music and awareness raising plus lots more entertainment including a silent disco, networking games, tug of war.

What’s in it for YOU?

  • Team building – take the challenge!
  • Raise your profile
  • Build up your volunteer hours
  • Fundraise
  • Make a difference
  • Have fun!

Festival Square, Edinburgh. EH3 9SR

Here are some of the highlights of the Sleep Out 2014

The Rock Trust works in Edinburgh and the Lothians with young people between the ages of 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Our role is to advise, educate and support young people. We want to enable them to build the personal skills and resources required to make a positive and healthy transition to adulthood, while avoiding or moving on from homelessness.

This year, there will be:

  • Refreshments available throughout the night
  • Entertainment – silent disco, live music, games
  • Competition – team tug of war
  • Prizes for the person or team with the best onesies and best fundraiser and fundraising team
  • Separate sleeping area with Marshalls and security guards on watch all night

Sleep Out is a unique national fundraising event for homeless and disadvantaged young people in the UK. The Rock Trust is in partnership with organisations across the country, including Centrepoint (London), The Amber Foundation (Wiltshire), St. Basils (West Midlands), Llamau (Wales), Keyhouse (Bradford) and St. Edmunds (Norwich and Norfolk) who deal with some of the most vulnerable young people in our society.

Sleep Out aims to bring a national voice to the UK’s most pressing social issues by hosting eight events across the country that will bring you a step closer to the reality experienced by our homeless and vulnerable young people.

You will experience the discomfort of trying to sleep on cardboard boxes on a hard, cold floor during the winter. But while Sleep Out is a fundraising event designed to show solidarity and to raise awareness of homelessness it does not claim to replicate homelessness in anyway.

If you would like to resister for this event, or for more information, please email