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People who are homeless are not just the people you see sleeping on the streets. Many of the young people that The Rock Trust work with have slept rough – in parks, under bridges or in stairwells. Some of our young people travel to more rural areas to sleep or camp on the cycle paths. But there are thousands of other homeless young people that you may never see – the ‘hidden homeless’.

They might be:

  • In temporary hostel or bed and breakfast accommodation
  • ‘Sofa surfing’ – the term given to people staying on the floors and sofas of friends, family and, dangerously, just acquaintances
  • In unsuitable or unsafe accommodation

The Scottish Government has now ended the ‘priority test’ which means that everyone who is homeless and entitled to a home will have one regardless of priority status. To do this, the government have implemented a ‘Housing Options’ approach to address homelessness within every local authority across Scotland. The Housing Options is an advice and assessment service provided by Scottish local authorities.