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Robbie’s Story:

When he was initially referred to us, Robbie was homeless and sofa surfing – sleeping on friends couches temporarily. He was allocated a key worker and with his support Robbie moved first into temporary accommodation and then into one of The Rock Trust’s shared flats, an innovative model where young people are supported to live together with a live-in volunteer supportive flat mate. Unfortunately Robbie had a few difficulties adjusting to his new living situation, finding it hard to live with others and accept support, and this resulted in him moving out of the flat after a relatively short period of time. Despite this, Robbie still valued the support of the Rock Trust and after a while he came back to access our services.

When he returned to The Rock Trust, Robbie felt that he was ready to make a go of running his own tenancy. His key project worker supported him to maximize his income, cooked with him, supported him to form routines for house care and encouraged him to develop the life skills he already had as well as encouraging him to learn new ones. He was also supported to access other agencies and start thinking about moving towards a positive destination for example college or employment.

Then Robbie had to attend court for a crime he committed during the most chaotic time in his life. He was remanded in the run up to the trial and his flat was left empty. The Rock Trust supported him though this time, making sure that he did not lose the security of his tenancy while he was in prison, as there was a high risk that Robbie could slide back into homelessness. Robbie was not given a prison sentence – he was fined, given community service, and we supported him to liaise with his probation officer as well as finding his feet again in his tenancy.

Robbie successfully moved on from The Rock Trust’s services and is now able to live independently and support himself. His key worker has stayed in touch with Robbie, who is now working locally, has a partner and a young child and is living happily in the same tenancy which he had now maintained for around five years.