The Rock Trust has been providing housing support to young people since 1991 – ever since the organisation began.

Today, we provide housing support services in Edinburgh and West Lothian – accommodation to live in, along with the support needed to make a success of independent living. We provide support to vulnerable young people in Rock Trust accommodation as well as those who already have their own flat (or are about to move in to one).

In Edinburgh, we have mainly 1 bedroom properties but a small number of 2 bedroom properties for single parents with children up to 1 year and 2 large shared properties which house up to 3 young people and a live-in volunteer flatmate. We also manage a Care leavers flat scheme – providing supported accommodation properties in Edinburgh for young people who are leaving the care of the local authority.

In West Lothian, we support 16 – 21 year olds, and have 14 fully furnished 1 bedroom flats and a 2 bedroom flat suitable for a single parent with a young child.

Supported accommodation is only suitable for young people who can demonstrate a need and willingness to engage with visiting support from our support staff.

All flats are fully furnished and young people can stay for up to 2 years.