The Rock Trust offers training to professionals in three areas:

  • Building relationships and social networks
  • Adolescence: Brains Behaviours & Relationships
  • Resilience

Building relationships and social networks (Full day)

This training will look at the importance of supportive relationships to enable individuals to make positive steps forward, so they can develop positive relationships and improve social skills. The training will also discuss ways for your service to imbed support networks into you practice.

Adolescence: Brains Behaviours & Relationships (Half day)

Participants will explore adolescent behaviours, looking at the theory of brains in transition, the process of change and motivation and will be able to describe positive approaches and discuss effective strategies for dealing with challenging behaviours.

Resilience (Half day)

Participants shall look at how to assess resilience and vulnerability and use a working tool that can enable the service user develop resilience, as well as understand the protective factors and look at how we can build strengths with an individual through a difficult transition.  It’s a great way of looking at an individual’s vulnerability and encouraging them to build up their resilience in specific areas.